Form & Function

With the natural look of weaved rattan, it’s an attractive piece of furniture for your home that functions as a litter container.

Self Contained

All the necessary tools of the trade under one roof! No more looking around for the scooper, it’s all inside the PurrBath.

Quick Assembly

With only 6 pieces to assemble, the PurrBath will be set up in a matter of minutes. A simple instruction sheet is included in the carton.

What Is PurrBath?

Patience The PurrBath is a fresh, new idea to the traditional litter box.

The handsomely designed PurrBath is uniquely styled in a handwoven durable plastic. The gabled roof offers form and function to the smart and stylish appearance.

The patent pending liner stays in place, avoiding leaks and litter spills over the edges.

The PurrBath is a proven and reliable litter box.

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